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Ultimate Puppy Training Course

  • Puppy Academy

    Access to All 3 Modules
    Valid for 2 years
    • Over 80 minutes of course content.
    • Plus Fully Illustrated Transcripts.

What you get:

Module 1: Toilet Training

  • Video 1: Toilet Training

  • Video 2: Crate Training

  • Video 3: Appropriate Treats and Delivery Rates

Module 2: Socialisation

  • Video 1: Socialisation Checklist

  • Video 2: Body Language of Fear

  • Video 3: Proper Introductions: Dog-Cat / Dog-Dog

Module 3: Bite Inhibition

  • Video 1: Bite Inhibition

  • Video 2: Keeping Your Puppy Mentally & Physically Challenged

  • Video 3: Teaching Your Puppy to Sit

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Toilet Training

  • Learn how to adequately house train your puppy

  • Learn how to leverage the use of a crate

  • Understand what motivates your puppy


  • Learn how to best Socialise your Puppy

  • Learn how to stimulate your Puppy both Physically and Mentally

  • If you have another Dog or a Cat, learn how to build and manage their relationship

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Bite Inhibition

  • Learn how to teach your Puppy to control their bite

  • Understand the Body Language of Fear

  • Teach your Puppy how to Sit

Who is This Course For?

​If you just welcomed a puppy into your life, or are planning to. If you are a dog trainer or behaviourist looking for visual training support to share with your clients. If you are a dog breeder, or just simply looking for science based knowledge on anything and everything puppy related, then IntelliPuppy is for you!

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How Does It Work?

IntelliPuppy is here to help you navigate the many joys and challenges of puppy-hood. We will provide you with tools and strategies to tackle your puppy’s most challenging behaviours during those important first months of life.

In this Course we focus on 3 Main Behaviour Areas: Toilet Training, Socialisation and Bite Inhibition. Each of these topics make up the 3 Modules in our course. Within each Module there are 3 specific video lessons related to the behaviour in question. If you are new to puppy-hood, in our course we will cover all the basics you need to set your puppy up for success in life.

What's The Alternative?

You could hire a personal trainer or pay for group training classes, which in some cases might be the right choice. But if what you are looking for is for a science based, force free, proven approach to tackle your puppy's first weeks of life at home and at the most affordable price possible, then IntelliPuppy is what you need!

If you hired a trainer to tell you this in person you can easily expect to pay upwards of €150 per hour. IntelliPuppy's Ultimate Puppy Training Course will help you tackle the 3 most common challenging behaviours you will face with your puppy through fun and engaging animated training videos. We give you full control over when and where to watch, and as many times as you like. And the best part, you get all this for just a fraction of the price of what an average personal trainer would charge for just ONE session!

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